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How to Make a Woman Horny

If you wanna make a woman horny, you gotta know what turns her on.

Understand her mind, so you can unlock the keys to her body. Though your favorite porn movie won’t do the trick for her like it does for you, she should also have something that puts her in the mood.

Think back and remember what she likes, what’s in her book shelf and what she likes to watch to get her warm on the inside. If you find something good, use the ideas you’ll find there to make your woman horny.

Make her think about sex.

And you can do that using visuals in her mind. You can talk to her about sexual topics in general to get things started. You can get inspirations from magazines she likes to read and discuss it without seemingly wanting to get some.

Maybe there’s a new position you haven’t tried before that looks kinda fun to do. Or some other tips to make her scream with pleasure. Again, come from the mindset of improving your sex life together, and she’ll be impressed and steamy by the end of the conversation.

Even if you can’t find a sex topic to talk about, if you’re creative enough, you can easily make any small talk sexy anytime. You can slowly plant seeds in her mind throughout the day, from morning until the sun sets and the mood is right.

You can say things to her in the morning to make her feel good, leave notes, and call her when she’s at work to make her anticipate something good when she gets home. Make it an unexpected surprise so she’ll appreciate it more.

A well thought of atmosphere when she gets home will surely set the mood for her.

Prepare some sexy movies to watch together, a hot bath, dinner with a good bottle of wine, or even some sexy lingerie.

You want to invade all her senses with sexy and creative ways as you try to do sexy things together. Don’t just focus on one, when you have all senses working together, it becomes much more exciting and pleasurable for her.

It will also help her to relax and be comfortable.

And when she’s relaxed and ready, she’ll be in alignment to be horny and free to go there herself without any more help. If she’ll like all the other girls, she’ll love the feeling.

Because girls love sex as much as guys do.

Sometimes you only need to do very little to make a woman horny. Even just your presence is good enough to get things going — if you’re oozing with sexy confidence women can’t resist.

What Turns Women On

Knowing what turns women on can be the difference between getting ignored and getting a kiss from the girl you want to attract. It’s not always the opposite of what turns women off, there are also those things in between that’s subtle and barely noticeable to the naked eye.

But, if you know what attracts women to men, you’ll have a general idea of what exactly turns women on they won’t be able to stop themselves from getting their hands on you. Like confidence, you already know it’s a major turn on for all women.

That’s a universal truth.

It’s in the way you move, the way you talk, and the way you handle things. If you can radiate confidence in everything little thing you do, the women around you will light up like light bulbs directly powered by a nuclear reactor.

No. That’s not an exaggeration, either.

Here’s what you do: Whatever you’re doing, be relaxed and release any tension you have. Don’t be uptight. Instead, be comfortable and really enjoying it.

This will give her the impression that you’re a capable and a confident man who knows exactly what he’s doing. In turn, she’ll also be relaxed and trust you and will start to let loose.

Now, every girl is different, and even with the same girl, what you tried before that works may not be able to turn her on another time and situation. So watch her response and pay attention to her reactions and behaviour to what you’re doing.

That goes for any woman you meet and attract. Even at the early stages of the interaction, knowing and pushing for the limit will give an idea of how for to take things. Some girls are turned on by certain types of humor while most can’t stand it.

Though, there’s a kind of humor that turns women on, you’ll have to get good at using it to make women laugh and turned on most of the time.

And you have to keep going at it, you can’t stop being confident and funny. You have to build it up and stack what turns women on in your favor. That only happens if you keep improving yourself and continue to learn about the art of attraction.

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