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How to Attract Women With Consistency

how to attract women with consistency

Most people don’t have control of their own mental and emotional state.

Instead, they let what’s around them to affect and control their own emotions.

When the weather is clear and sunny, they’re out and about jumping like wild rabbits, but when the whole sky is dark and cloudy. they’re so gloomy it’s like the whole sky’s about to drop down and crash into them.

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Want to Learn How to Attract, Seduce, and Pick up Girls?

Want to pick up girls? Want to get better at attracting and seducing women?

Here is how you learn so you can have a good foundation, with some tips and advice to learn faster and get girls sooner.

You’ll also get some guidance so you can progress easier. And some motivation to help you keep learning about seduction.

Because, let’s be honest here…

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How To Get A One Night Stand

Men love sex. And women do, too.

But guys like it better when there’s no string attached and it happens just hours after meeting the girl. In some cultures, getting a one night stand is easier where women are more open to sex compared to others where women are more reserved.

If you’re in a place where you can easily get one night stands, then just be ready for some good times. Still, it depends on the girl you try it on and, your level of attraction skill to get two complete strangers to share a bed together within the night.

Well, the most straightforward thing to do is to go find a place where women who will go home with guys can be found. This can either be your local nightclub or someone else’s party where guys mingle and women giggle.

To find a girl you want to have a one night stand with, look for someone having a fun night — more like a free spirit in an adventure as she socialize with other women and talk to other guys.

You’ll know she’s open to sexual encounter by the way she clothes herself.

Most of the time, she’ll be showing lots of skin to attract potential mates. You can find her with friends — if you want to challenge yourself — or she could be alone waiting for an interesting guy to talk to her.

Either way, you gotta choose the girl who’s willing to have a one night stand, or your approach will be for nothing. No matter how good you are at attracting women.

Ladies who are older and fun may be more open to good adventures and are better choices.

When you’ve chosen your target, you then make your approach with confidence thinking yourself as the prize to be won over by women. Use your conversation skills to keep the conversation flowing and taking it to where you want to go.

As you’re making her feel comfortable, find out if she has other things to do the next day so you’ll know how to handle things later.

Get information that will help you close the deal. At the same time getting physically close to her with your teases and flirting that won’t be mistaken as friendly.

Remain confident as you imply a possible one night stand to her. Don’t say it directly. Instead, let her think that it’s exactly what you want without seeming desperate whether she gives it to you or not.

Just have fun and keep things moving forward. Make her feel good and attractive as you try to close the deal. When you pick a place, you can either go somewhere neutral or to one of either your place or hers.

When it’s all done, be sure to make her feel good and give her a great time. Make her want to come back for another encounter by giving her pleasure she won’t ever forget. Be sure to get her number to keep the lines open but make her wonder if you’d call.

How To Be A Pickup Artist

Pickup artists have became famous since “The Game” came out, but you don’t have to be a pickup artist to attract women on your free time.

If you want to pickup girls everyday, go out with guys to pick up girls, and immerse yourself in the different lifestyle of being a player, becoming a pickup artist may not be a bad choice.

You’ll learn a lot on your way to mastering the art of pickup, and you’ll be able to transform yourself into someone confident enough to successfully approach women and be on the spotlight while taking the lead and being the center of attention.

With that said, you gotta start with looking at yourself. You need to develop enough confidence to get started on the road to pickup mastery and get past your shyness and insecurities.

Get past your fears and jump in — it’s the best way to get a good feel of what it’s like before you even go in deeper.

Choose a pickup method that works best for you. There are different methods of picking up beautiful women out there, and you’re the only one who knows yourself best. So find one that you can use effectively that suits your style and personality, try it on for yourself.

The principles and concepts may be new to you but you’ll get used to it in no time. Although they may talk about different things, once you get the main idea, it will become easier to understand.

If you’re thinking of using pickup lines, first understand why they work and why they don’t work. If you don’t get how it’s done, using any pickup line will not do you any good no matter how many times you try it.

Mastering the art of pickup takes a lot of practice hours.

You won’t get there with just a few nights out. It literally takes several months and years for some to become really good at picking up really hot women if you’re starting at zero level.

The good news is there are a lot of attract women and pickup books these days. And there are countless dedicated coaches who’ve done it and are now teaching guys like you on how to become a pickup artist.

How to Meet Women in Bars

Bars are a great place to meet women — or just practice meeting women.

There are a lot of women in bars expecting to be approached by guys. They prepare for it like a sport. And the filter out and disqualify unworthy competitors.

That makes it challenging enough for most guys to drink a few shots before going in on the girl they chose to meet.

And if you’re acclimated to meeting girls in bars, and you know how to do it right, you’ll find it easier to get the girl’s attention and keep it for how ever long you want than any other guy in there.

That means, you know how to properly use your body language, your tone of voice, and your appearance to your advantage. You’ve got the basics down to attracting women.

You’re confident. You know how to talk to women and make the conversation engaging and interesting.

Even with all that, if you want to be able to meet women in bars, you’ll have to customize your approach to suit the kind of atmosphere and vibe of the place.

It can be difficult to carry on a conversation if it’s too noisy and there’s a lot of distraction in the environment. So it’s a good idea to find a place to bring her along after you’ve “open” her to continue your conversation in a more appropriate and quiet place.

Before going in the bar to meet women, be sure you’re in a good and positive mindset. Smile, enjoy yourself, and be open to meeting women. Girls don’t like men who sulk in the corner and wait for opportunities to come. Don’t do it.

Don’t expect that to happen. Most of the time, they’ll just ignore you and won’t send you those “come here” signals when they want you to approach them. Instead, go dance and talk to people. Keep yourself busy and enjoy yourself.

Meeting girls in bars should be easy. If you can approach her and get her engaged without feeling insecure and being able to handle anything that comes your way.

Meeting women and finding a great girl is a numbers game.

Take risks and conquer your fears. Do it as many times as you can and you won’t have a problem on meeting women in bars ever again.

How To Pick Up Girls

When you want to pick up girls, you either want to take her home (or somewhere where you two can be together) or get her phone number so you can meet up again later. These are the outcome you want, right?

So how do you get there?

But before that, you got to prepare yourself. What do you need? Well, at least be presentable. And have an air of confidence.

You won’t get noticed if you don’t have at least those qualities. That’s the minimum requirement. So let’s get it on…

First, you need to be able to approach when you see a girl you want to pick up. Failing to do this won’t even get you started. You’ll be just another bystander staring at her.

If only it was as easy as 1-2-3. Wait. It’s as easy as that.

You just ignore what ever is stopping you from going over there and start talking to her. You may be afraid or nervous that you’ll say something stupid but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is you’ve done it and you’ve got over your fear of taking the initiative and talking to her.

Now, let’s assume you’ve blurted out something and she’s now facing you — hopefully, — what do you do now?

This is where the fun starts. What you want now is to hold her attention, get her interested in what you want to say, so she’ll know what you want.

There’s no point in getting her to face you and then getting ignored after two seconds, right?

Then how do you do just that? A really good way is to make her laugh. That works most of the time. And you’re giving her some positive emotions which is what you want so she’ll remember you after this initial interaction.

If you can’t make her laugh, don’t sweat it. More often than not, if you’ve prepared well, she’ll be intrigued by what you have to say. Or she’s actually a nice, sweet girl who’ll listen to what you want to say to her.

Most girls are nice and social. Not every girl you’ll meet are bitchy and rude. But if they are, don’t be fooled. Most of the time, they’re just covering their sweet side and filtering out losers.

Anyway, you need to keep the conversation flowing and natural from here on out. And if you follow these steps completely, it’s just smooth sailing. If you’ve done everything right, you’ll have her hand or her number by the end of the pick up.

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