It’s natural to feel fear when doing something you’re not familiar with.

That includes the fear of meeting women if you’re not comfortable to it yet. If you haven’t put in enough time and effort into approaching and talking to women before in your life.

And even if you’ve done it thousands of times before, that certain feeling of fear will come back (although not as strong) and you must overcome it every time.

If you don’t yet understand it, your fear of meeting women comes from doubting yourself and not having enough confidence. This will cause you to over think things and rationalize your current situation.

So one of the best approach to overcoming your fear of approaching women is believing in yourself and building your confidence. That will happen gradually as you move forward and consistently meet women.

How fast it goes depends on you. If you have a lot of time in your hands right now and you want to overcome your fear of meeting women right away, you can spend a lot of your time approaching and meeting women to gain more experience.

Once you’ve done an insane amount of approaches, your initial fear of starting a conversation will be easily manageable. And sometimes, things will just flow naturally like it’s supposed to.