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Do You Fear Approaching Women, Too?

do you fear approaching women

You shouldn’t!

Sure. Walking up to a girl and starting a conversation with her can be very uncomfortable, daunting, even scary.

Just the thought of it can trigger flight or fight response if you haven’t done it before.

But once you’ve done it enough, you’ll be like a fish in the sea.


Why is approaching women one of the biggest fears most guys have when it comes to interacting with women?

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How to Deal With Rejection

Rejection is a normal part of approaching and attracting women, so the earlier you know how to deal with it, the easier it will get for you to overcome the fear rejection.

You can deal with rejection in a number of ways. Use the one that works for you best.

But the sooner you recover from being devastated, the better your chances are of meeting and approaching more women. Whether it’s your first or your thousandth rejection, learning how to deal with it every time it comes, will save you the trouble of getting stuck in a downward spiral.

There’s some things that you should never do, though, when you just got rejected by a woman you’ve just approach. And that is to never show that you’re affected in front of her either by throwing a fit or getting angry at her for being a bitch.

If there’s nothing you can do about the situation, better leave it alone while there’s still a chance to recover quickly and move on. Don’t let things affect you emotionally so you don’t carry it to your next approach.

If you can, immediately find a new girl to talk to so you don’t linger in the moment you got rejected. When you immediately move on, the effect of the rejection will almost be non-existent.

Doesn’t even matter who you talk to next as long as you don’t remember being rejected. And you don’t mope around and think about what you did wrong or why you got rejected. You can do that later on when you get the time to reflect back on your actions calmly.

You can look at the bright side, too.

Since you got rejected you don’t have to waste your time with a girl who you’re not compatible with. And you can spend your time wisely trying to attract a woman who’ll show you some interests.

Everyone goes through rejection, even those guys who have been at the game for years. They know how to deal with it and move on.

Focus on what you’ll do next instead of wallowing on your current disappointment. This will keep you to look forward instead of looking behind and thinking what ifs.

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

It’s natural to feel a fear if you think you’ll be getting rejected. But you need to overcome this fear of rejection if you want to be able to approach and attract women.

When you think about it, this fear of rejection you’re feeling is only in your mind. It hasn’t happen yet. And you’ll never know whether she’ll reject your approach or be ecstatic that you did if you don’t overcome this fear.

Of course, rejection is part of the “game”. It wouldn’t be fun if everything goes well every time you try to open a girl and start a conversation.

But most of the time, it goes well. That’s because most women are social and they like being approached by great guys who know what they’re doing.

That’s right, if you’re a great guy and you know what you’re doing when you meet and attract girls, you’ll minimize your chances of getting rejected.

But this is not about that, this is about overcoming your fear of rejection. And there’s a couple of things you can do.

The first is to move forward in spite of that fear you’re currently feeling. It’s the most effective way and it’s the fastest and surest way to go.

If you understand that there’s always a chance of rejection no matter what you do, that rejection won’t matter. It will only serve as fuel for future approaches and a step in your ladder for gaining experience.

If you face rejection head on, it’s almost certain nothing can stop you from getting to know that girl.

Another way to overcome this fear is using a punishment and reward.

You can reward yourself every time you overcome this fear and meet the girl. And you can set a penalty if you don’t do it and you succumb to this fear of rejection.

If you’re with someone — a buddy or your wing — you can ask him to slap you hard if you didn’t do anything while you’re feeling this fear.

Overcoming the fear of rejection from approaching and meeting women is essential if you want to be able to attract any woman you want.

It doesn’t matter if you do it slowly or quickly. What matters is your overcome it and you continue to grow.

How To Overcome The Fear of Meeting Women

It’s natural to feel fear when doing something you’re not familiar with.

That includes the fear of meeting women if you’re not comfortable to it yet. If you haven’t put in enough time and effort into approaching and talking to women before in your life.

And even if you’ve done it thousands of times before, that certain feeling of fear will come back (although not as strong) and you must overcome it every time.

If you don’t yet understand it, your fear of meeting women comes from doubting yourself and not having enough confidence. This will cause you to over think things and rationalize your current situation.

So one of the best approach to overcoming your fear of approaching women is believing in yourself and building your confidence. That will happen gradually as you move forward and consistently meet women.

How fast it goes depends on you. If you have a lot of time in your hands right now and you want to overcome your fear of meeting women right away, you can spend a lot of your time approaching and meeting women to gain more experience.

Once you’ve done an insane amount of approaches, your initial fear of starting a conversation will be easily manageable. And sometimes, things will just flow naturally like it’s supposed to.

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