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Best Ways to Get Better at Attracting Women

Becoming better at attracting women by the way you talk and act is a process. How long it takes depends on how dedicated you are in that process.

You’ll have to spend some time learning and put what you learn into practice.

Here are some simple pieces of advice which you can quickly learn. Be sure to keep them in mind as you practice.

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Attracting Women by Being a Challenge

attracting women by being a challenge

Here’s a quick story:

Not that long ago, a guy was in a bar with his friends and, over the course of the night, their group somehow merged with another group of friends who he’d never met before.

Amongst this group, there were a couple of girls. They were very attractive and seemed really nice.

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How to Really Attract Women

How do you really attract women?

Well, keep reading because after you’re through reading this, you’ll know exactly how to attract any woman… no matter how beautiful or hot she is.

But before that, let’s clear some common misconception.

As you probably already know… you don’t really need a fancy sports car… big, bulging biceps… and a model’s good looks to attract a woman.

It helps and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have them but, even without any of those things you should still be able to attract a girl you like.

And the “just-be-yourself” advice most of your friends give you doesn’t cut it either (on its own). I mean, what does that even mean exactly?


To know how to attract women… first you have to understand women and what attracts them. What makes her go for this guy or that guy? What makes her go crazy over you? What turns her on?

In short, what makes them tick.

What Attracts Women

In general, every woman wants a man. A “real” man. What is a “real” man exactly? Some call him the alpha male, the chief of the tribe, the leader of the pack.

NOT the needy, weak, and the easily manipulated chump. But, you don’t need to necessarily conform to that image of a man because every woman has her own ideal man.

But… you do need to be strong mentally and physically. It’s one of the traits women are attracted to.

Women are also attracted to the dominant and assertive type. Those who know how to act as a leader, command respect and handle most social situations gracefully.

But if you’re into younger girls, know that they like to have fun and party… so they look for fun guys who can keep them interested.

“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got.”

Keep this in mind: How you carry yourself plays a huge part on first impressions. And in meeting someone new… first impression is everything.

And your appearance plays a very important role not just in attracting women but also in business and in life.

You don’t have to be handsome. Believe it or not, average looking guys have more success with women. You just have to look good, smell good, and flash those pearly whites when you meet the girl you like.

So don’t assume that women are more attracted to what they see. Because they’re not.

Here’s a list of what attracts women to men.

Now, back to that question…

So, How Do You Attract Women?

If you missed the hint above… well, here it is: It is to be a man of value.

If you  are a man of value, you don’t need to use tricks or sneaky tactics to make women want you. They will, without question, be attracted to you.

Obviously, you also need to pass her secret tests. And ultimately make her happy like a singing bird in a tree.

You can always use techniques and routines to approach and talk to women, get their number, and have some fun. It’s fine if that’s how you want to get started learning about attracting women.

But… if you want to build a solid relationship with her, you have to know how to keep her interested and wanting more.

Some of the things you can do obviously includes being confident, being and looking healthy, being fun, and having a positive outlook in life. Also, women loves a man with a purpose. Something that drives you to achieve.

A woman isn't complete without a man. But where do you find a man - a real man - these days?”

So if you’re thinking: it’s all about improving yourself,  you’re right.

It’s about being the “man” women gravitates towards. It’s a long term strategy.

Improving may seem hard at first, but with the right mindset, attitude, and source of information you can become a “rock star” at attracting women.

So let’s start with…

Some attract women tips…

Be interesting and interested. Being genuinely interested in someone will cause the other person to be interested in you as well. How do you get to be interesting? Fill your life with interesting activities. Find your passion.

Maintain good eye contact. Research confirmed that you can make her fall in love with you if you do it right. And it’s way more powerful than a great opening line. If you can’t do this, practice with a picture of a girl you like, at first.

What’s next?

There are a lot of other things you can do to improve yourself and attract beautiful women. That’s what this site, attract women books, is all about.

You can pick a book right now and continue learning new ways to attract women…

You can even “shortcut” your education if you devour a really good book that teaches you everything you need to learn to be good at attracting women.

Something that’s easy to understand and has everything you need… from approaching… to using your body language to attract women instantly.


The next page shows you the step-by-step process that happens during attraction. Understanding it will help you make attracting women easy and a whole lot simpler.

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