How do you get a girl to like you?

get her to like youThat girl you just met. Or that girl who you’ve been gawking at for quite some time now. How do get her interested enough that she’ll go out with you before you even ask.

There are several things you can do to raise her interest in you. But are you sure she doesn’t like you already?

With that out of the way…

Clear These First

Obviously, you should look pleasant. Groom yourself, stay in shape, and have a life.

In short… be likeable.

Be someone interesting enough to talk to.

Get Her Interested in You

Now. Making a girl to like you can take some time. So, take it easy, relax, and be yourself. Pay attention to every detail which you can use later.

Stand out

If you stand out enough in her eyes, she won’t be able to help but notice how strong, cool, and great of a guy you are.

Make her want to ask about you. If you stand out, she’ll automatically want this.

Be mysterious. Intrigue her.

Get her friends to talk about you in a good way.

Impress her

Not with something shallow like how rich you are or how big your biceps are. But with what you’re doing with your life.

With what you’re passionate about. Your plans for the future. And what you believe in. Or with any of your skills or something you’re good at.

But don’t go overboard. Don’t be too cocky and you’ll lose her in a flash. Don’t blurt it out of nowhere, instead weave it into the conversation. Let it come up naturally.

Make a great first impression

First impressions are critical.

Women measure you up on the first impression and decide if you’re relationship material.

So… don’t waste it.

Show that you’re a good catch. Think about your posture, smile, and tone of voice.

Be seen with other girls

It’s what’s called social proof or pre-selection. It shows that you have options. She’ll think you have something that can make her happy.

She’ll automatically be interested. This is one of those shortcuts that people don’t think about.

Don’t be afraid to get to the next level

Take the Lead. Flirt. Play grade school games with her.

Which should lead you to…

Have fun, be happy, and stay positive

Nobody likes a negative person. Make every moment that you’re with her fun and enjoyable.

That way, she’ll remember you in a positive way and wants to be with you more. You’ll also make her feel more comfortable. Comfortable enough to like you.

The Most Important Thing

Remember, before others can like you, you must like yourself first. And that’s the most important thing.


Because no matter what you do if you don’t like yourself, why would other people do, Right?

To help you more, you should know what attracts women and make use of it. Increase your attractiveness and make any girl including her be magnetized.

You know, be confident, funny, and approachable. And surely you’ll get girls to like you.

Don’t know where to start? Or… having a hard time with women? Then learn to become a badass with women.

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