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How To Turn Phone Numbers Into Dates

If you’re getting numbers from women but they don’t seem to want to go out on dates with you, you’ll want to look at several things you do between meeting the girl and asking her out on a date.

If you know how it’s done like the back of your hand when you follow the steps needed to successfully attract a beautiful woman — you’re attracting her and building a connection with her — the most likely issue you have is your phone and text conversations with her.

What’s happening between getting her number and asking her to go out?

Well, she could be giving out her number to other guys and going out with other guys if she’s really hot and has an active social life.

Could it be she’d forgotten about you?

Nah. If you keep things interesting for her, make her laugh when you text her, she’ll be keeping you on her mind. And the competition for her attention will get weaker compared to you.

You see, we live in a world where there’s not a moment when we’re distracted. There’s always something going on that grabs our attention. And for a beautiful girl looking to have a great time all the time, messages from her social circle and other guys becomes a welcome distraction.

If you’re only way to get in touch with her is through phone conversations, either by text messages or phone calls, you’ll need a sure-fire game plan to get her out on a date every time you want to ask her out.

There are some rules you need to know and follow so you’ll know how to better use your phone when you need it to get dates. Though these rules are not to be followed blindly, they’re a good guideline to know when you don’t know what to do.

These texting rules include when to call her or how long should you wait before you contact her again after meeting her, what to do if she’s not replying or calling you back, and other things that will improve your way of using your phone with talking and texting girls.

If you want a complete resource for using your phone to get girls on dates with extensive examples of text messages you can use, you’ll want to take a look at magnetic messaging. It’s written specifically for turning phone numbers into dates and more.

How To Deal With Flaky Girls

Every once in a while, you’ll meet a flaky girl.

She’ll cancel dates, making up excuses or just be plain undecided whether she wants to go out with your for the night or stay at home nursing her sick chihuahua.

You’ve heard it all before, “Sorry, can’t make it… blah blah blah!”. All the while you’re standing there waiting patiently for her to arrive, nervously enduring the stares of some people passing by wondering when the date you’re waiting for will come.

Flaky girls, it happens.

You’ll just have to deal with them or avoid them altogether from happening. How? You gotta make her excited into coming to see you and spending a day with you.

And for that to happen, you just have build up enough suspense or anticipation for what you’ve plan the two of you will do.

Saying something like going to the movies to watch the latest flick won’t likely get any girl sleepless nights because of excitement if she’s got tons of friends and other guys waiting in line.

Even before that, you should have made her attracted to you, created some real bond and strong connection together that she wouldn’t think twice of trusting you and spending some alone time together in some soft, comfortable place.

And… rekindle all of that in the way you text with her so she doesn’t forget you, even for a moment. The same way you get her excited and ready to go out with you even before you ask her out on a date or just to hang out.

If all else fails, go to the next girl on your phone book.

You don’t have to be only going out with just one girl for the night. At least have a backup plan in case the unexpected happen. Either you meet a new girl or keep someone warm and ready on the side.

So, to deal with flaky girls, get your first interactions just right.

Attract her and build some rapport with her. If you’ve gone through that process successfully over and over, flaky chicks won’t get anywhere near you or, at least, keep them to a minimum.


How to Ask a Coworker for a Date

Office romances… it’s always something to watch out for.

For one thing, it can be against the rules and for most, it never works out quite well in the end, leaving only bad memories and uncomfortable situations once it’s over. Worst, you could end up leaving the job and moving on to somewhere far, far away.

But there are also those few who successfully get to meet their mate in the workplace. You often hear stories of how they meet and how it happened while they’re on the elevator or near the coffee machine.

If you find someone at work interesting, someone you fancy, and would like to her ask out on a date, you better think about it first. Think about the consequences of what your actions will do.

What I’m saying is, think of the situation you’re in before asking your coworker out on a date. You’ll have to follow some rules on the office different from that of somewhere else when you want to attract women.

The weight becomes more heavy if you have a good position in your company which you don’t want to ruin or give up. People will notice and will start talking once something is going on. Gossip will spread around and they’ll be looking at you differently.

If you can’t handle the pressure of office romance, better be prepared for it, especially if you’re position is higher than the girl you want to date or you’re her direct superior in your department or section. You don’t want any possible legal cases filed against you later on when something goes horribly wrong.

Once you’ve taken all those things into consideration and you’re excited to go out with her, make sure she knows you, or at least she’s familiar with who you are. You can’t just bring up going out out of nowhere.

Follow the steps on how to attract women. You got to warm her to your presence first where she’s also interested in going out with you. There should be at least some flirting and teasing before you ask your coworker out on a date.

Once your interaction with her becomes ripe for the picking, suggest a casual lunch or dinner with her during workdays. It’s easier to build more comfort and connection with her if you two are alone with each other, making it easier and natural to go to the next level of the relationship.

First Date Ideas

First dates… you want to impress the girl, and if you really like her, make sure it’s not your last date with her.

There are a lot of things you can do on the first date, what’s important is the fun factor and that she gets to know your personality and you know hers as well.

It doesn’t have to be a serious dinner or a movie like what your grandparents did, it just have to be enjoyable for both of you and that you learn something about your date.

It should allow for some easy conversation where you can talk about (mostly) anything under the sun with no pressure at all. It should give you a better idea of where to take her on the first date if you know about what she likes or what kind of girl she is.

Take into account her personality and interests. Is she more of an outdoorsy type of girl or the type who likes to be more homey and bake cakes and stuff. You should think about this since not all date ideas will work on every girl.

Any activity where you can engage in a friendly competition while having a relaxed, fun and comfortable conversation will keep your date engaged and from getting bored. This is a good thing if you want to have a second date with her by next week.

A classic example would be bowling, golf, or any other low-intensity sport where you can take your time and still have room to talk and enjoy each others company.

If she’s the outdoorsy type who likes adventures and trips, you can take her hiking or a trip to a good nature getaway. Ice skating is another good choice if your girl likes being active.

A good place for a relaxed and quiet time together are museums, aquariums, and art galleries where you’ll find many interesting things to talk about if both of you enjoys art or fish.

First dates are also a great time to try new things. With something new, she’ll remember the experience of being with you having fun, making the bond between the two of you to grow deeper and stronger.

Before you go on your date, however, be sure you’re fully prepared and ready to have a good time with her. And remember to avoid these dating mistakes so you don’t mess up your chances with her.

How to Prepare For A Date

If you’re going out on a date with a girl, you better have prepared and planned in advance what you’re going to be doing and where you’re bringing her to have a good and memorable time together.

You don’t want any surprises and you want to lead her to the places you’re going to be taking her. It’s essential to already have a sequence in mind so you always know where you’ll end up be the end of the date.

You also want to think about what you’re going to talk about on your date with her. There’s always a chance the conversation will get state and boring. At least you can avoid uncomfortable silences.

You can refresh on what’s happening around in the world on the topics you know she’ll appreciate as a last resort if you run out of things to talk about. Keep it in mind only as a backup since there are a lot of better topics to talk about.

You better be presenting yourself in a great way. Take a bath, get yourself pump, and pick what you’re going to wear well. If you’re always taking care of your physical appearance and grooming, you won’t need to do much here to prepare as you’ll always look your best.

If you’re going to invite her home, make sure your place is clean and neat before you leave. Your toilet should be especially clean and it should smell nice. And have some items prepared to keep her busy and occupied while you prepare for what’s about to come.

If you go out regularly, expecting to meet women then inviting them home, you won’t be having such a hard time preparing for a date since you’ve all got this figured out. But if this date is something new in a while, then you got to prepare yourself mentally as well.

You don’t want to be a nervous wreck with your stiff body language unable to look into her eyes. You want to be as relaxed as you can like being on a date with a girl is the most natural thing in the world for you.

Just think of having fun and learning about the girl in front of you. Don’t think about unnecessary things and avoid dating mistakes you’ll likely make if you don’t have your head together.

First Date Mistakes to Avoid

The purpose of the first date is to pave the way for the second date.

But if you make too many mistakes that make your date don’t want to see you again, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

What are these mistakes you need to avoid so your first dates don’t end up your last?

These are the deal breakers you’ll need to avoid:

Going on the interview. If you haven’t learned it by now, interviewing your date is boring. It puts most women to sleep. There are other interesting ways to get to know her instead of asking a series of interview questions that don’t seem to end.

Discussing taboo topics. On the first date, there are some things better left alone if you don’t want your date to feel uncomfortable. If the date is getting too serious or uncomfortable, it’s already gone wrong. Choose your topics to discuss wisely and to keep the conversation flowing naturally.

Trying to impress. It may seem natural to impress a girl (either with your cash or your personality) on the first date, but it will only make you look like you’re trying too hard. If it’s not you, then don’t be that kind of guy. Focus on making the experience memorable instead of trying to impress her.

Going to the movies. Or taking her to dinner in a nice fancy restaurant. There’s nothing wrong with doing this on the next dates to come but it’s too common for a first date. All guys have done it before from your brother to your grandpa. At least be different so she’ll remember the date with you. You’d never want to be the same as the guys who done this with her before.

Not being prepared. If you’re going on a date, at least plan ahead where you’re going and what you’re going to do. Don’t make it too obvious that you planned everything and make it seem a little spontaneous and natural. With everything planned, you’ll know where you’ll end up at the end of the date.

Not paying attention. It’s rude to take a girl on a date and then hit on other girls you see. Focus your attention on her and listen to what she’s saying. Showing you’re sincere and genuine will make her feel more comfortable. And she’ll enjoy the date even more.

These are only some of the first date mistakes you need to avoid. The important point to remember is to have fun and enjoy the date with her.

How to Ask a Girl Out

How to ask a girl outAsking is easy. If you know she wants you to ask her out.

Here’s what you should do before you to ask a girl out.

Before you ask a girl out, make sure she’s interested. If not, she’ll less like to go out with you.

If you haven’t seen each other for a while, you have to start over and build some attraction with her first. I’m assuming you already know how to attract women.

So, here’s how you ask…

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